Non-slip Boot Cover

Non-slip Boot Cover

Ref : 400-018

Non-slip Boot Covers are disposable and made to provide high thermal comfort, high flexibility to the user. 
They are made of breathable, flexiable, soft and strong laminated nonwoven fabric to give all-day comfort to the user.

product details
non-slip sole material with polyurethane small spots for the premium in slip and fall protection on damp and dry surfaces
breathable, flexible, soft and strong nonwoven upper portion to give all day comfort to the user

upper portion : 56 gsm nonwoven spunbond laminated fabric
sole : 40 gsm nonwoven spunbond laminated fabric with polyurethane small spots

agriculture, laboratory, food, medical, veterinary, health, automotive, electronic

30 x 40 x 30 cm carton dimensions
1 pair per bag
75 pairs per carton